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Urine contains over 3000 metabolites, and the metabolome is in a freely available database – just what you’ve always wanted!

The original paper is in PLoS One.

In a set of articles in the British Medical Journal, researchers debunked a number of claims for sports products. The color of urine—something athletes are told to keep an eye on—depends on many factors, not just hydration. Drinking before you feel thirsty may worsen performance. Energy drinks with caffeine and other compounds have no benefit above and beyond the boost from caffeine. And carbohydrate and protein combinations post-workout don’t improve performance and recovery.

Olympic Games 27 July – 12 August

The Water Recovery System on the International Space Station turns around 93% of astronauts’ sweat and urine into drinking water.

From 20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Water from Discover Magazine

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