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Cockroaches have evolved to taste sugar as bitter, helping them to avoid poisoned bait – they will spit it out like a baby trying something new.

Read the paper in Science.

The artificial sweetener saccharine was found by chance – the researchers were trying to find a new insecticide, and one accidentally tasted what he had made, and found that it was sweet. Don’t try this at home!

From 20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Sugar from Discover Magazine

Eating too much high fructose corn syrup affects how you learn and remember things, but adding in omega-3 fatty acids can limit the damage – so have some oily fish with your cake…

Read the abstract in the Journal of Physiology,

Honey kills bacteria, and it works in lots of ways -it is high in sugar, it contains hydrogen peroxide and antimicrobial compounds, and it is acidic.  The ancient Egyptians used honey on wounds.

Honey bees in a hiveJust a reminder – don’t give honey to babies. In rare cases, it can cause botulism.

The Romans used the first artificial sweetener – however, this was sugar of lead, or lead acetate, which is poisonous and may have led (no pun intended) to the fall of Rome.

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