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…even if there is missing bone, provided enough of the nail is still there, and it’s all because of the stem cells just under our nails.

Stem cells from the linings of dog’s noses have been used to help paralysed dogs to walk. The cells were cultured and transplanted to the injury site in the spine of pet dogs and many of them were able to walk again with the help of a harness (see the video). It’s early days, but one day this could help repair damage in humans.

Researchers have made mouse oocytes (egg cells) from adult mouse stem cells (created from skin cells) and fertilised them using IVF. The baby mice, now adults have had their own offspring, technically making the skin cells grandparents

Read the original paper in Science.

Researchers in Edinburgh are developing a 3D printer, using modified inkjet technology, that can deliver stem cells in specific amounts and could in future create entire organs. 3D printers are already used to create bones to replace those lost through accident of disease.

In a disease called limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) the cornea (the transparent front of the eye) becomes cloudy and rough, causing pain and blindness. Researchers have made stem cells (cells that can become any type of cell) from the roots of hair differentiate into corneal cells. In animal studies, these cells could repair the eyes in 80% of treated mice.

Read the abstract in Stem Cells.

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