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A Peruvian spider uses insect corpses and debris to make an eight-legged fake spider in the middle of its web. It’s not quite clear why, but it it could be to deter predators.



The male dark fishing spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus) delivers half its sperm and then goes into a coma, with its heart stopping beating two hours after mating.

Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences and cavers from the Western Cave Conservancy have found a new spider in caves in southwest Oregon, called Trogloraptor, or cave robber. This spider is so different that it is not only a new genus and species, it is a new family (Trogloraptoridae). The spider is four centimetres across with legs stretched out, has large and sharp claws, and hangs underneath webs on cave ceilings. If they have only just found this one – what else is lurking in there?

Trogloraptor and trogloraptor claw

Source: California Academy of Sciences

Read more in the paper in ZooKeys.

Scientists have found a new species of spider on Horn Island off northern Queensland and named it after Sir David Attenborough. It is just over 1 mm in length and called Prethopalpus attenboroughi.

A Japanese researcher has spun thousands of strands of spider silk into a set of violin strings, which apparently have a “soft and profound timbre.” They were stronger than aluminium-coated, nylon-core strings. This is probably accuse of the way that the individual strands fit so snugly together.

More facts on spiders – spiders have brains in their legs, and genetically engineered silkworms can spin spider silk.

Small spiders are just as good at spinning webs as big spiders – this means that they need big brains and central nervous systems, and these can fill as much as 80% of their bodies.

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