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In a surprising scientific breakthrough, researchers have found out that the skin communicates with the liver.

skin communicates with the liver in the mouse

This could explain how some skin diseases can also affect the rest of the body.

A stretchy see-through gel that conducts electricity could make replacement muscles or artificial skin.

See the original research in Science.

A change in the gene for aquaporin 5 causes diffuse non-epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma, where the skin on some people’s hands go white and spongy after being exposed to water because it becomes more porous.  It’s similar to what happens when you stay in the bath much too long, but sets in a lot more quickly.

See The American Journal of Human Genetics for the original paper.

Researchers have made mouse oocytes (egg cells) from adult mouse stem cells (created from skin cells) and fertilised them using IVF. The baby mice, now adults have had their own offspring, technically making the skin cells grandparents

Read the original paper in Science.

A virus called a phage can zap the bug that triggers acne, Propionibacterium acnes. Researchers have sequenced the virus’s genome, and might be able to use this to develop a future treatment that stops spots. Yay!

Sunshine on your skin triggers your body to make vitamin D, which prevents bone and muscle problems, including rickets, and might even cut your risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Try to get fifteen minutes in every day when you can, but don’t get burned.


A wildlife photographer has spotted a pink elephant in Botswana. It’s likely to be an albino – an animal that has no pigment (melanin) in its skin, hair or eyes.  This will make it more likely to get sunburned.

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