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French catfish have learned to kill birds – the fish, which are up to 1.5 metres long, beach themselves, lay in wait for pigeons, pounce, and then wriggle back into the river. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water

Researchers have found magnetic particles in the olfactory epithelium (the cells involved in smell) of trout. These contain magnetite, and this is the first time that these have been found in animals with backbones (vertebrates). It’s not clear yet whether the fish use these to detect magnetic fields. Read the paper in PNAS.

Pigeons have nerve cells in their brains that can detect magnetic fields.

Researchers have found that pigeons have neurons in their brains that are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field, and they use these to navigate. It used to be through that they used iron in their beaks but these seem to be iron-rich blood cells.

pigeonRead the abstract in Science.

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