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Some Paralympic athletes with spinal injuries use a technique called ‘boosting’ to improve their performance. This uses pain or discomfort to make their blood pressure jump higher – even as extreme as intentionally breaking a toe. This triggers autonomic dysreflexia (AD), which can be dangerous, and could even cause a stroke. The technique is banned, and will be monitored by checking blood pressure in people who look unwell.

Paralympic Games 29 Aug – 9 Sept

Luc Fusaro, a French engineering and design student, has design a shoe that can be printed using a 3D printer. These  could be tailored to an athlete and the designer believes that it could shave 3.5% off a runner’s time.

Olympic Games 27 July – 12 August

In a set of articles in the British Medical Journal, researchers debunked a number of claims for sports products. The color of urine—something athletes are told to keep an eye on—depends on many factors, not just hydration. Drinking before you feel thirsty may worsen performance. Energy drinks with caffeine and other compounds have no benefit above and beyond the boost from caffeine. And carbohydrate and protein combinations post-workout don’t improve performance and recovery.

Olympic Games 27 July – 12 August

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