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A Chinese hospital is using pads attached to the abdomen, delivering electric shocks, to simulate the pain of childbirth. Reuters

Some Paralympic athletes with spinal injuries use a technique called ‘boosting’ to improve their performance. This uses pain or discomfort to make their blood pressure jump higher – even as extreme as intentionally breaking a toe. This triggers autonomic dysreflexia (AD), which can be dangerous, and could even cause a stroke. The technique is banned, and will be monitored by checking blood pressure in people who look unwell.

Paralympic Games 29 Aug – 9 Sept

Some people feel no pain – this is known as congenital analgesia. Though this might sound like an advantage, people with this condition may not know when they are injured or have an internal problem such as appendicitis.It can also lead to bullying and psychological problems. Congenital analgesia can be caused by a mutation in SCN9A, and this gene is also linked with lack of sense of smell (congenital anosmia).

In a disease called limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) the cornea (the transparent front of the eye) becomes cloudy and rough, causing pain and blindness. Researchers have made stem cells (cells that can become any type of cell) from the roots of hair differentiate into corneal cells. In animal studies, these cells could repair the eyes in 80% of treated mice.

Read the abstract in Stem Cells.

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