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People with Hirschsprung disease have no nerves in parts of their bowels. Researchers have transplanted nerve stem cells into mice and found that they rewired the nervous system and connected with muscles.

Read the original paper in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Researchers have found the nerves in mice that send feel-good messages to the brain during stroking – and similar nerves in humans may explain why we like massages.

Read the original research in Nature.

Stem cells from the linings of dog’s noses have been used to help paralysed dogs to walk. The cells were cultured and transplanted to the injury site in the spine of pet dogs and many of them were able to walk again with the help of a harness (see the video). It’s early days, but one day this could help repair damage in humans.

Invertebrates (animals without backbones) can repair their own nerve axons (the extensions from nerves that communicate with other nerves), and the researchers have found out how this works, and have been able use the techniques to repair damaged nerves in rat’s legs.

It’s still early days but if this could work in humans it could allow people with injured nerves to recover in days or weeks, rather than months or years.

Read the abstracts in the Journal of Neuroscience Research here and here, and read an interview with one of the researchers.

Kissing makes blood vessels dilate, the pulse quicken, cheeks flush, pupils dilate and activates five out of 12 cranial nerves @USAScienceFest. If that’s not enough, read about the science of aphrodisiacs, more about the science of kissing, and see some science dating tips.

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