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Researchers have found a new knee ligament, the anteriolateral ligament or ALL. This runs from the thigh to the shinbone, and could protect the knee joint when people twist or change direction.

A stretchy see-through gel that conducts electricity could make replacement muscles or artificial skin.

See the original research in Science.

According to a piece on the BBC News website, Olympic cycling has taught us five science lessons…

  1. Slipstreaming saves energy – the cyclist in front uses about a third more energy than the one behind
  2. The centripetal force in a flat circular track would make it hard for cyclists to stay on track – so the velodrome is an oval and is banked
  3. Aerodynamics is important – by making themselves small, wearing sleek helmets and by riding bikes with solid wheels, the cyclists cut wind resistance
  4. Muscle makes a difference – cyclists build up different kinds of muscles for sprint (fast twitch muscle) and endurance cycling (slow twitch muscle)
  5. High tech clothing helps – once piece suits are designed not to soak up sweat and to smooth air flows

Olympic Games 27 July – 12 August

Sunshine on your skin triggers your body to make vitamin D, which prevents bone and muscle problems, including rickets, and might even cut your risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Try to get fifteen minutes in every day when you can, but don’t get burned.


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