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Transplanting microbes from the gut of obese humans makes germ-free mice put on weight.

Read the original research in Science.

Male mice sing to woo females, and they learn ‘songs’ from each other.

…even if there is missing bone, provided enough of the nail is still there, and it’s all because of the stem cells just under our nails.

People with Hirschsprung disease have no nerves in parts of their bowels. Researchers have transplanted nerve stem cells into mice and found that they rewired the nervous system and connected with muscles.

Read the original paper in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Researchers have found the nerves in mice that send feel-good messages to the brain during stroking – and similar nerves in humans may explain why we like massages.

Read the original research in Nature.

Researchers have made mouse oocytes (egg cells) from adult mouse stem cells (created from skin cells) and fertilised them using IVF. The baby mice, now adults have had their own offspring, technically making the skin cells grandparents

Read the original paper in Science.

Dogs can shake 70% of the water out of their coat in four seconds – this is because their backbone can move around 30 degrees in either direction, and their skin is so loose that it can move three times faster than their backbone. Other mammals also do this, and the smaller they are the faster it is – mice shake at 30 times per second. This allows them to dry faster and keep warm.

Shaking dog

Source: Georgia Institute of Technology

There is a fantastic video in the article in The Atlantic, and lots more information on the laboratory website at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Source: Georgia Institute of Technology

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