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The teeth in cogs in the legs of young Issus coleoptratus planthoppers mesh together and help the insects to jump.

Read the original research in Science.

It’s not only Venus fly traps that eat insects. White pine trees collaborate with fungi to ‘eat’ springtails – the fungi kill the insects and the trees absorb the nutrients through their roots, and many other plants may play this rather grisly game too.

Read the abstract.

The Map of Life is an interactive website that maps fish and land-based vertebrates around the world to create a searchable map. Later in the year there will be more species added, including plants and invertebrates.

See the report in Nature.

Some insects use mimicry to avoid being eaten – for example, a harmless hoverfly looks like a wasp. Some small mimics aren’t very good at it but they still seem to avoid being eaten by predators.

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