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People who have a variant of the gene IFITM3 means that they get flu symptoms more severely, and this form of the gene is more common in China.

Read the original paper in Nature Communications.

A twin study in Québec has raised the question of genetics and bullying again, with results that seem to show that relationship problems, victimization and rejection have a genetic root – but in the victims, not the bullies.

However fit and well you feel, however good your genetic inheritance, nobody’s genes are perfect, because everyone carries an estimated 400 damaging gene variants and two disease-causing mutations. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though – many of the disease or damaged variants are unlikely to cause any harm to the carrier, and even though as many as one in ten people studied were expected to develop a genetic disease as a consequence of the variants, these are often very mild.

Read the original paper in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

Because of fossils and anatomy studies it looked like turtles evolved from lizards and snakes, but new genetic research shows that they have evolved from the same ancestor as birds and crocodiles.

Read the abstract in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.

A week’s worth of posts to celebrate yesterday’s DNA Day. Viruses are usually described as DNA viruses or RNA viruses. However, researchers have found a virus where its genome (its genetic material) is a hybrid of both RNA and DNA. This appears to be because the two types of viruses combined at some point in its evolution, but it’s not yet clear how.

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