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In an excavation in Portugal, scientists have found fossil bones of salamanders from 220 million years ago that would have been around two metres long, and about the size of a car – BBC News

A human-sized lobster that lived 480 million years ago used spiny limbs to sieve food from the sea like some modern whales. BBC News

Because of fossils and anatomy studies it looked like turtles evolved from lizards and snakes, but new genetic research shows that they have evolved from the same ancestor as birds and crocodiles.

Read the abstract in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.

Mammoths around a metre tall lived in Crete around 3.5 million of years ago – these are the smallest ever discovered.

Read the abstract in the Royal Society journal Proceedings B.

A fossil foot found in Ethiopia suggests that one of our ancestors was walking there around 3.4 million years ago.  It’s not clear what species of hominid this was, but it’s not Australopithecus afarensis, also known as ‘Lucy’.

Some new research from Norwegian genomic researcher Olof Prila has found evidence that Lewis Carroll may have based his poem Jabberwocky on real samples of jaws and teeth, claws, wings and scales, including fossils, that have no parallels in animals known currently or from the fossil record.

The oldest fossils found so far are cell- or bacteria-like microfossils found in Australia that date back 3.4 billion years.

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