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Researchers have used PCR to create DNA profiles from fingerprints – XXPress PCR

Fingerprints can help identify you, but they can also spot if you are a smoker, drink coffee, take drugs, or have  handled explosives. Fingerprints are made up of oil and sweat, and these carry traces of drugs, including nicotine and caffeine. Tiny particles with antibodies attached, or hi-tech laboratory techniques, can spot and highlight these traces, or find very small amounts of explosives.

Read the abstract in Angewandte Chemie.

Koalas have similar fingerprints to humans. Gorillas and chimpanzees also have fingerprints.

Even though identical twins have the same DNA, they have different fingerprints. The patterns are similar, but have some changes, probably because of random events during development in the womb.

Some people don’t have fingerprints. This is called adermatoglyphia and is caused by a change in a gene.

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