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Nearly 200 fungi live on your feet, and their favourite place is on your heel.

A change in the gene for aquaporin 5 causes diffuse non-epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma, where the skin on some people’s hands go white and spongy after being exposed to water because it becomes more porous.  It’s similar to what happens when you stay in the bath much too long, but sets in a lot more quickly.

See The American Journal of Human Genetics for the original paper.

A Boston cat has survived a fall from a 19-storey building. Cats evolved to live in trees, so have adapted to survive falls and jumps from great heights. Because they are small and fairly light, they don’t fall as fast as a human, and they can twist their bodies so that they land on their feet. They spread out as much as they can before they land, which slows their fall, and their legs act as springs.

catBut even though they can survive, it’s still a risk, so if high windows are open, remember to put screens up.

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