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Mosquito sperm has smell receptors on its surface, so it may be able to sense smells – this may help it to make its way to fertilise the egg.

The word’s rarest ducklings have hatched – eighteen Madagascan pochard ducklings are doing well at a captive breeding centre in Madagascar.

Madagascan pochardsThese are the offspring of ducks that hatched from eggs and were reared in a hotel bathroom while the centre was being built. There are now around 60 Madagascan pochards in the world.

Though it seems fragile, an eggshell is actually really strong because its dome shape distributes the pressure throughout the whole shape.

eggsTry an experiment to check out the strength of an eggshell.

Chickens can lay an egg inside an egg.

This is likely to be caused by a problem with the way that the developing egg moves along the oviduct inside the chicken and is very rare.

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