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As always, Olympics opening ceremonies include fireworks and today’s was no exception. Fireworks use a lot of science – for example, particle sizes control the rate of burn, different colours are created by using different metals, and the sounds and shapes depend on how the chemicals are packed.

Olympic Games 27 July – 12 August

Most people can see about a million colours, using three types of cones in our eyes (trichromats). Some people have four kinds of cones (tetrochromats) and may be able to see up to a hundred million different colours.

As only one person has been studied so far it’s hard to understand what she can see that the rest of us can’t – can you see more colours here?

Giraffes’ coats get darker with age – while this has been known for a while, by putting together data collected since the 1970s, scientists have been able to pin specific colours to ages.  This could indicate to other giraffes that individuals have gone through puberty.

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