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Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences and cavers from the Western Cave Conservancy have found a new spider in caves in southwest Oregon, called Trogloraptor, or cave robber. This spider is so different that it is not only a new genus and species, it is a new family (Trogloraptoridae). The spider is four centimetres across with legs stretched out, has large and sharp claws, and hangs underneath webs on cave ceilings. If they have only just found this one – what else is lurking in there?

Trogloraptor and trogloraptor claw

Source: California Academy of Sciences

Read more in the paper in ZooKeys.

Some new research from Norwegian genomic researcher Olof Prila has found evidence that Lewis Carroll may have based his poem Jabberwocky on real samples of jaws and teeth, claws, wings and scales, including fossils, that have no parallels in animals known currently or from the fossil record.

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