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Finding mutated proteins on cancer cells could lead to personalized cancer vaccines – GenoKey Blog

The iKnife electric ‘scalpel’ can tell whether the tissue it is cutting is healthy or cancerous, giving surgeons the opportunity to cut out all of a tumour without sacrificing too much healthy tissue.

Gleevec (imatinib), a drug developed by Novartis to treat lymphoma (a blood cancer) has an interesting side effect – it can bring colour back to grey hair! While it has too many other adverse effects to be used as an elixir of youth, it is  at least perhaps a very small bonus for people going through treatment.

When teenagers play a computer videogame called Re-Mission, where a nanobot called Roxxi fights cancer cells, they are more likely to stick to their cancer treatment.

Roxxi the nanobot

The paper was published in Pediatrics in 2008.



Tasmanian devils get a very infectious and fatal facial cancer that is can be caught by another Tasmanian devil by biting, mating or touching. Scientists have sequenced the genome of the cancer itself, and this might help save the animals. The whole Tasmanian devil genome was sequenced in June 2011.

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