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Migrating golden-winged warblers fled one day ahead of the US 2014 tornado – BBC News

Because of fossils and anatomy studies it looked like turtles evolved from lizards and snakes, but new genetic research shows that they have evolved from the same ancestor as birds and crocodiles.

Read the abstract in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.

Crows can recognise familiar human (and bird) voices, which could explain how they are so successful – they can learn which people and birds to avoid, and which are safe.

Read the abstract in Animal Cognition.

Researchers have found that pigeons have neurons in their brains that are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field, and they use these to navigate. It used to be through that they used iron in their beaks but these seem to be iron-rich blood cells.

pigeonRead the abstract in Science.

The northern wheatear, which only weighs 25 g (0.8 oz) migrates 18,640 miles, from sub-Saharan Africa to its Arctic breeding grounds.

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