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Tooth decay is caused by bacteria, and babies could pick these up from their parents. So – keeping your teeth clean could help your baby’s future teeth too.

Breast-feeding mums produce different milk for girl and boy babies – girls get more fluids, boys get more fats or proteins.

Babies can hear words before birth and remember them after they are born – so perhaps you’d better be careful what you say!

Read the original research in PNAS.

One year old babies that go to interactive music classes where their parents play instruments and sing songs, rather than just listen to music, smile more, communicate better, and their brains respond earlier to music. They are also calmer. So get singing ‘The Wheels On The Bus‘ to your baby!

See the abstract in Developmental Science.

Breastfeeding helps to colonise babies’ guts with healthy bacteria, and this changes how they express the genes for immunity, improving their immune systems. Read the paper in Genome Biology.

black & white picture of  a baby's feet

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