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Researchers are developing a prosthetic hand that can be wired into the nerves and can sense shapes and degrees of stiffness of objects.

Researchers have found a new knee ligament, the anteriolateral ligament or ALL. This runs from the thigh to the shinbone, and could protect the knee joint when people twist or change direction.

Researchers who have mapped part of the genome of hunter gatherers from the Mesolithic period (7000 years ago) have found that they are not the ancestors of the modern Spanish people.

Hunter gatherer skeleton

Reconstruction of individual Braña‑1. Credit: Alberto Tapia

The research was published in Current Biology.

An 83 year old woman has had a new lower jaw fitted using a jawbone created from titanium in a few hours using a 3D laser printer.

by soaking it in vinegar – this dissolves away the calcium phosphate that keeps bones rigid.

Bones - a skeleton

…but children have 300 bones, because some of these fuse together as they grow.


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