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A stretchy see-through gel that conducts electricity could make replacement muscles or artificial skin.

See the original research in Science.

The iKnife electric ‘scalpel’ can tell whether the tissue it is cutting is healthy or cancerous, giving surgeons the opportunity to cut out all of a tumour without sacrificing too much healthy tissue.

Work on the Y chromosome shows that men’s common ancestor is around 120,000 to 156,000 years ago, around the same time of that of women.

Men with smaller testicles tend to be more nurturing fathers.

Dolphins have their own names – they each respond to a specific signature whistle.

Archaeologists have found 7000-year old cheese in Neolithic pottery, and believe this represents the birth of the dairy industry.

Transplanting microbes from the gut of obese humans makes germ-free mice put on weight.

Read the original research in Science.

Male mice sing to woo females, and they learn ‘songs’ from each other.

Urine contains over 3000 metabolites, and the metabolome is in a freely available database – just what you’ve always wanted!

The original paper is in PLoS One.

Sleeping at the wrong time can have an impact on our health – and it seems that disordered eating could as well.

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