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Researchers have partly sequenced the genome of the second case of the new coronavirus that has emerged in the Middle East (the patient currently in London), and confirmed that it is the same virus as that infecting the man who died in July. They have also confirmed that it is not the came as the virus that causes SARS.

Researchers have watched hummingbirds flying backwards and have found that it uses no more energy than flying forwards.

The Mars rover, Curiosity, has sent back images of rounded rocks and gravel that suggest they were shaped by flowing water, probably thousands to millions of years ago.




African spiny mice (very cute, sometimes kept as pets) can shed their skin, or at least patches of it, to get away from predators, and then grow it back pretty much as good as new. This could help researchers understand wound healing and regeneration.

See the paper in Nature.

Apologies for the break in Geek Science Fact – family issues are intervening. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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