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It isn’t royal jelly that makes a queen bee into a queen bee – it seems that it’s what she *doesn’t* get – from WIRED at

Before you click through – which one (or is it two?) isn’t an April Fool?

The sheep albedo hypothesis – global warming is due to the reduction in numbers of sheep in New Zealand leading to increased absorption of sunlight by the ground

Okay, we give up – Scientific American agrees to print creationism and Intelligent Design papers

Google Translate for animals – what is your cat actually saying?

The brainwave-driven car – German researchers have created a car that can be driven purely by thoughts

B&Q’s Wee&Q – recycling urine from B&Q toilets as compost accelerator

Hadron-Collider II – new hadron collider planned for London Underground

Science, Nature Team Up on New Journal – the two prestigious science journals drop their competitiveness and team up

Space-time synaesthesia – could Time Lords be real?

It can also reach the size of a human – BBC News Magazine

In an excavation in Portugal, scientists have found fossil bones of salamanders from 220 million years ago that would have been around two metres long, and about the size of a car – BBC News

Some gorgeous scientific images – The Telegraph

Tea is made of 30,000 different chemicals, and according to researchers, it needs to brew for five minutes (ideally in a pot) rather than a couple of minutes in a cup to allow the complex flavours to come through. The Telegraph

A human-sized lobster that lived 480 million years ago used spiny limbs to sieve food from the sea like some modern whales. BBC News

Watch this animation from The Guardian to see how measles spreads when children are vaccinated, and when they aren’t. It’s scary.

MPs in the UK have voted to approve the use of DNA from parents, along with mitochondria from a donor egg, to create embryos that are free from devastating mitochondrial diseases. Story from BBC News website

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